4 Exterior Design Ideas That Are Perfect for Summer DIY

Home Improvement

The summer is approaching and it’s time to get outside and get the DIY done that you couldn’t over winter. Whether it’s practicing your hand at gardening or renovating your exteriors, there is something extremely satisfying about being out in the fresh air and feeling a sense of accomplishment. If you’re stuck for inspiration or just itching for more, you’ve come to the right place. Throughout this article, we will look at some worthy projects you can sink your teeth into to give your house some extra style.

Why Change Your Exterior?

Times are changing and so are our building methods – a lot of modern housing is bulk-erected with a boring exterior. Historically, houses built in the 60s and 70s had a lot more care and style put into them. One good reason to work on your exterior is to stand out from the crowd. If you need some support on this level, there are plenty of exterior home improvement companies out there to give you a hand.

Change Out Finishes

Changing the finish can revitalize your house and give it a new lease of life. You may have some pebble dash or mismatch brickwork that you want to change, and you can remove this finish and replace it with some modern cladding – it’s quite common practice to place cladding over the top as opposed to removing the entire exterior.


Altering the proportions of your house can be done by extending it upwards or outwards to get yourself a pleasing balance – perhaps the old owners put in an extension that just isn’t right. You will need to get planning permission, but maybe you could go as far as to make a bungalow multi-leveled?

No matter what you end up doing, just make sure that your materials match, otherwise your house could end up looking worse.

The Roof

Making changes to your roof can add definition to your house and improve its integrity. Further, if you have a bungalow, it’s one of the most prevalent features; changing the shape of the roof could change the entire building. Your improvement doesn’t need to be so extravagant; you could just change the shingles.


Your windows are one of the first things visitors see when they come to your house. Fortunately, you can change almost anything about your windows without having to go through planning permission. If you are updating your windows for a period home then be very careful in what you choose. On the other hand, if you’d like to update a modern home, do some research into metal window frames.

These are just some of the DIY projects you could get stuck into this summer. What better way to carry on staying safe than diving into something productive? Make sure you carry out some further research before jumping into your chosen project and remember to get in touch with a reputable design company if you need help.