7 storage places in the kitchen that should be used

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Almost every kitchen can be compared to the magic kingdom of an alchemist. The power of ingredients, ingredients, herbs and spices is its extraordinary richness that makes the dishes prepared one of a kind. However, it should be remembered that each supplement should be hidden in a properly selected container, jar, organizer … Only thanks to that it will retain its aroma and taste qualities for a long time.

Have you ever wondered how to best organize a kitchen while maintaining all the rights of ergonomics? Have you thought about how much your kitchen has in itself a potential that has perhaps never been properly used? The following article is a quick overview of solutions that will help you find an extra place in the kitchen for storage – because as we know, this is never too much!

Why is it worth betting on kitchen buildings reaching the ceiling?

Many people choosing kitchen buildings do not think about the space under the ceiling. In general, hanging cabinets do not reach the vault itself, which means that fat and dirt accumulate on the top of the furniture, while the vacant space remains completely unused. If you also have this type of furniture, think about their tops. We assure you that an additional string of cabinets will significantly facilitate your culinary madness. With it you will be able to hide any kitchen accessories that you do not use on a daily basis. Similarly, it is worthwhile to proceed with the space above the fridge – a large cabinet over the household appliance can prove extremely useful. If the kitchen is intimate, we recommend putting on open shelves that will not overwhelm the interior visually.

Unusual furniture – what to invest in?

Cabinets, drawers, lockers, lockers … and all this is usually located only within kitchen cabinets. We, however, are encouraged to look for unconventional lockers! Drawers under the dining table top? Why not! A seat with a capacious chest? Great idea! It is enough, therefore, that you replace classic furniture models with more functional and ergonomic ones and voil√†! Additional storage space will be at your fingertips.

What type of barges to choose?

Do you like an elegant bar on your head that sells the sitting area from the kitchen? A great plan, but before you decide on a particular model, think carefully. Many shoulders have so-called smooth sides, in which you can not hide much. If you are looking for additional storage space, choose a variant that can be used as a storage for wine bottles, cookbooks or handy kitchen accessories.

With a fabric for a brother!

In your kitchen lived under the wall a wooden, rectangular table? Or maybe you separated the kitchen annex from the living room with an open buffet? If so, it is a perfect excuse to organize a functional safe box under the furniture. Of course, we do not mean here an unsightly storehouse of various boxes, in which kitchen gadgets are hidden, but the arrangement of a discreet clipboard. For this purpose, it is worth using light catkins, which will subtly hide the clipboard and at the same time add a somewhat feminine character to the interior. Remember, however, that this type of concept does not suit every kitchen. The draped material is best presented in rustic interiors (plain linen curtains finished with lace), Provencal (coterie in the color of subtle lavender) or English (light fabric with the motif of small type of cottage rubbish or checkered).

Kitchen railings? This is it!

Metal railings attached to the walls above the kitchen counter top can be used not only for hanging choches or slotted spoons. This is a great place where there are usually kitchen splashbacks that protect the wall from dirt. Smart accessories are a paradise for hanging small kitchen textiles, bouquets of herbs or functional shelves for spices. One thing you need to take care of is that the kitchen items are not suspended too densely and, above all, fit together stylistically. Otherwise, chaos can appear in the kitchen.

Why is it worth to store in an unusual way?

In addition to the classic railings in the kitchen, it is worth using various stands and hangers. The first ones include, among others clever kitchen ladders. Such accessories fit perfectly even in small spaces, and thanks to wide steps or neat rungs they are able to accommodate various baskets and organizers. In addition, you can successfully use webbing, woven bags and baskets and hang them on one of the walls. These accessories are very roomy and always look great, and in addition, they add charm to the kitchen interior – regardless of whether the decor is cool and modern, or warm and idyllic.

Or maybe a storage right under the ceiling?

As the old, proven saying says – what is supposed to hang, it will not drown! As it turns out, in the context of a kitchen interior, it is worth implementing them. Remember that walls are not the only place where you can successfully hang something. A very interesting procedure is, for example, the use of free space above a bar or kitchen island. In modern interiors, minimalist shelves are perfect, while in rustic, variations of all kinds, such as impregnated branches that are an original hanger for bouquets of herbs or copper saucepans.

The kitchen can be an enchanted land full of lockers and lockers! Just a bit of imagination and a creative approach to storing kitchen accessories and delicacies. Apart from the fact that such solutions are often effective, they turn out to be equally functional. And here is the golden mean!