A must try simple but vibrant Wallpaper designs for your Kids Room

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We all want to have the best things for our kids. It is also our joy to see them happy and we want to ensure they feel safe, especially inside our homes.

When it comes to our kid’s room, parents would always think of the best theme or design for our children, mainly to make it more cozy and comfortable for them. We would like to make it fun and if possible a learning experience for them while enjoying a vibrant design you have for their room. 

We would like to share incredible ideas you can follow to makeshift from a boring and plain room to a more playful one for your little ones. This article will feature amazing wallpaper designs from the brand wallpaper and make sure to get discount wallpaper too.

Some Tips for you in choosing Wallcovering for your Kids

  • Keep it Simple

Doing your kid’s room, it is advisable to do less than overdoing it. This is to create space for your kids to play and create more room for your growing child. 

  • Must be a Kid-friendly design

Make it bright, choose wallpaper covering that will make their day more alive and inspiring. A perfect wallpaper design can help you with that. When deciding, imagine that you are a kid and think of anything that can make you happy and comfortable with, asking your kid can also help.

  • Make it Magical

Imagination is the key to decorating a kid’s room as we know that they think differently and it is better to be more open to designs and patterns that help them unleash their creativity too.

Adding a touch of adventure and magical patterns can make them feel in their zone. You might want to get a design that will shine using lights, especially at bedtime.

  • Playing with Colors

Since kids love to color, it is your opportunity to be creative in mixing and matching colors. Choose something that fits their beddings, furniture, and some room accessories. 

Designs and Patterns for your Kid’s Room

Dinosaur Theme Wallcovering

This is a perfect choice for your boys; this mural kind of wallpaper design features their favorite a dinosaur and a fun learning experience, too, as they will be more cutely familiarized with them. This wallpaper can give a calm and bright color in your kid’s room even at night. 

Dreamy Theme

Make a unique and incredibly special space for your kids by choosing constellation designs or moon and stars pattern. It offers a serene space for your kids and a soothing environment while sleeping. It allows them to feel at peace, too, with a light blue color of the sky. You are creating a one of a kind room for your lovable kids and make it memorable for them as they grow as a sign of your love and care. 

Jungle Themed Wall

Make it more engaging for your kid’s room with a jungle team wallpaper; you can see a sample of these kinds of murals on Schumacher’s wallpaper collection. It brings amazement out of your child’s eye and enjoys a whole new world in their walls.

Space and Galaxy themed Walls

Why don’t you give your child an out of this world experience by choosing a cute space and galaxy wallpaper design that you can purchase from a wallpaper shop? It offers scenery that will boost your child’s imagination and explore creativity within them. You can see astronauts, planets, and constellations that will complete their space experience. 

Pastel Rainbow Themed Wall

This kind of design is perfect for your little princess that enjoys pastel colors and rainbows with clouds. This design is a one of kind choice that can add warmth and comfort to your little girl’s room and give the inspiration to do more and be free using their imagination in a charming way.

Explorer’s Map Theme 

You could use and try an explorer’s map with the world’s famous spot as a learning experience for your kids too. There are patterns and designs available at wallpaper shops with significant animals and tourist spots for each country. Your kids will indeed enjoy this theme as it engages and gives a bright perspective to their rooms in so many ways. 

Alphabet Themed Wall

You can be innovative in so many ways, especially in redecorating your kid’s room using wallpaper. One example is to go for an Alphabet themed walls twit fun colors and cute figures with it. It also adds up to brighten up their rooms with a light background while creating a learning atmosphere. This design is perfect for both and the girl’s room. 

Panda Themed Walls

Pandas are the cutest and one of the most requested characters for kids and teen rooms. The white and black color is minimalist and gives a clean look for any room, but this time also bears cuteness that is perfect for your little ones. It can also provide a calming effect with the touch of green leaves and other accessories, depending on its design. This kind of pattern is perfect for white and gray types of furniture.  


It is a fun and learning experience for both parents and children to makeover a kid’s room, particularly using beautiful wallpaper designs. You have hundreds of designs to choose from depending on what interests your child. You just need to know what to consider before doing so. We are sure that your children will love the designs above and make it more exciting for them to be at home and learn at the same time.