A Quick Guide to Buying Park Benches and Bleachers

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Before we delve into the basic of shopping for park equipment, it is essential to acknowledge the importance of these park benches and bleachers. It is without a doubt that they are underappreciated. They should be seen as a necessity when reading the perfect book on a lazy afternoon or when you are merely catching up with an old friend.

These small encounters with friends at a park bench or a solitary moment for meditation at the bleachers are possible through the works of Frederick Olmstead, a man who had helped design the very first park bench in Central Park, New York. It paves the way for architects to create the seats and bleachers we have today.

In modern times, the purpose of these park equipment ranges from having a rest stop when you are out for a run or for catching up with a friend. Nonetheless, it is essential to learn about the different materials used in this equipment so that you would know what to consider when you go buy park benches and bleachers; these are usually made up of metal, wood, concrete, or recycled plastic.

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It is true that these benches are underappreciated. Some may even consider using an old seat just because they do not see the importance of investing in a quality and sturdy bench. If you are one of those people who has this kind of mentality, kindly carefully consider these:

• Quality benches that are clean give an impression that the park or facility where it is located is well-maintained.

• Benches provide seating and comfort at business establishments. Furthermore, customers would see this as extra service and would appreciate it on top of the primary service you are delivering.

• It adds to the aesthetic and visual of the landscape.

• Nonetheless, a park bench or bleachers that lack quality and are worn out would pose a danger to anyone sitting on it, including old people and children playing on them.

• Furthermore, a low quality bench gives off a vibe that the park or facility where it can be found is not welcoming, inviting, or maintained.

When you opt to buy a bench, you start by researching as to what type of bench you would need in your situation. Here are some of the most commonly used types of benches:

• Metal Benches

• Recycled Plastic Benches

• Wooden Benches

• Concrete Benches

• Aluminum Benches

Most of these benches are labeled according to the kind of materials used to construct them. Therefore, if you are moving towards a particular themed park, you would consider benches that are visually appealing to the said theme. Nonetheless, if for example, you require a bench that is light, the aluminum benches would be the ideal choice for you.

Here are other types of benches and bleachers that you may also want to consider:

• Memorial Benches

• Logo Benches

• Children’s Benches

• ADA (American’s with Disabilities Act) Benches

• Backless Benches

• Buddy Benches

• Middle Bars
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