Can We Run Aircon 24 7

Home Improvement

Air conditioning systems are very important for any family. Air conditioners are often used to increase the comfort of the homeowner. The weather plays an important role in determining how the homeowner uses the air conditioning system. Singapore has a dry and humid season, and in the wet season, residents are about to leave the road, which is the only reason to get calories for their families. In the summer, the same thing happens when you try to cool down.

However, always keeping a/c running will only do more harm than good. All we have to do is be careful and try to use HVAC when necessary. It is recommended that the computer system use an average of 3,000 to 5,000 watts of electrical energy per hour for an average of nine hours. The AC system consumes a lot of energy, which in turn increases the cost of water for any homeowner.

The reason for running the air conditioning system is not recommended.

Consume more energy.

Expert studies have shown that refrigeration and heating systems consume 40% of household energy. There is no doubt that air conditioning systems consume a lot of energy and convert them into more electricity bills to maintain the comfort you use every day. Having an air conditioning system that operates 24 hours a day means that it will require twice as much energy.

Increase utility bills.

The energy used when leaving the air conditioning system will have a significant impact on your pocket. You will find that you have paid a lot of utility bills, which may not be included in your budget. Energy consumption is twice or three times that means you have to pay three or two times the amount of water and electricity that you should pay.

Greenhouse gas emissions.

Allowing the train system to run 24/7 24/7 not only increases the utility bill, but also destroys the environment. The AC system uses energy, but emits some environmentally unfriendly gases into the atmosphere. Although many A/C systems have turned green, your perception of the environment is not 100% optimistic. They are the energy used and the energy provided.

Air conditioning system depreciation.

Always running an air conditioning system means they can work uninterrupted, so they can go further and require more frequent repairs. This means you have to pay more for regular maintenance. It is well known that any working machine suffers from mechanical interference and wear due to friction. When you keep the air conditioning system running, you will be easier to repair and maintain, which means it has a higher shrinkage rate.

Hire technicians for energy auditing and maintenance.

When performing maintenance, you must hire a technician for professional maintenance each year. You can check things like cooling water levels to make sure they work properly and look for problems that can cause major problems such as leaks. To help you find ways to improve your home’s efficiency, many utility companies send technicians to your home for energy audits.

Install a programmable thermostat.

In order to solve this problem, you need to install a programmable thermostat. It will help you keep your temperature at an efficiency level when you are on vacation or at home. Programming and monitoring the temperature according to the weather, making it at a stable and changing level, will allow you to enjoy the comfort provided by the air conditioning system while avoiding unnecessary energy and money waste.

Living in Singapore may require you to stay in the air-conditioning system throughout the year. For locals, it is wise to take non-aggressive measures to avoid the use of innovative and advanced air-conditioning systems.  For more aircon servicing Singapore information , please visit our website This will enable you to use energy efficiently and be both pocket-sized and environmentally friendly. Remember to always service and maintain your HVAC system to achieve life expectancy and efficiency.