Contemporary Furniture – A New Definition of Home Decor

Selection of furniture for room decor is a critical factor as it demands a unique combination of necessity and aesthetic sense. The room decor, in an average, reflects the sophistication of the home owner, but in most of the cases necessities create dire hindrance on the way of the artistic room decor plans. Contemporary furniture are made for modern style of living; these are trendy, light, often multipurpose, and comes with different durable light-weight materials which require less maintenance in comparison to traditional teak-made furniture. For example, dynamic change is seen in use of dinning room table and chairs in last few years.

Instead of teak made furniture, as it is not a termite-free product, termite free oak made furniture are now in great demand. Oak living room furniture and oak dining room furniture is now hot-in-demand. For latest designs you can go to DNJSuperstore; online browsing is the safe process for window shopping and virtual inspection of contemporary oak made furniture.

Contemporary dining rooms are completely different than the old traditional dining room where the place was used only for dinning. Presently due to modular and open kitchen system, dinning rooms are areas that are no more used for dinning purpose only, there are other purposes like watching television, spending leisurely time with children and other family members, helping children in doing their project work etc. Old concept of simple and decorative dinning room table and chairs are no more in contemporary trend; instead new light, durable, and maintenance free dinning room table and chairs are in great demand.

Contemporary style furniture use bold colours; instead of traditional wooden colours the use of bold metallic colours adds vibrancy and versatility in room decor and sometimes creates an impact of spaciousness which is a prime issue of space management. For example, traditional square coffee tables were available only in glass and woods but nowadays different shaped coffee tables are available in market; instead of heavy material, aluminum, steel, PVC made, acrylic board made coffee tables with bright colours are now in trend where the old square coffee table concept has been modified into different geometric shapes and sizes according to other room furniture arrangement. Instead of old lavish and heavy furniture, new sleek and light furniture are now in great demand.

However, the concept of contemporary furniture may differ from one to another. A person may consider leather dining chairs old dated and traditional but for some other leather dining chairs are perfect to add contemporary style to their spacious dining rooms. Instead of restricted use of mirrors nowadays, use of mirror is done in bold manner because the placement of mirror in corners or on landings adds a virtual spaciousness to theses narrow areas. The use of cheval mirrors can be taken for an instant example; cheval mirrors can work with versatility as final-touch mirror or a drawing room accessory or a landing decoration as per the discretion of the homeowner and this is the ultimate concept of contemporary furniture.