How does water get to my home?



The water that flows from your tap is collected from the skies and they fall in the form of snow, rain or hail. The water from the sky goes through the process of collection, storage, cleaning until it is safe enough for drinking. Once the water is safe for drinking then it gets pumped to pipes and flows out of your tap. Other sources of water are deep wells, reservoirs, streams and rivers.


The water that is collected goes through the cleaning and treatment process. The first step in the cleaning process is when the water passes through a large sieve that captures and takes out the debris and dirt from the water. The water goes through a combined physical and chemical process to get rid of the impurities that are left in the water.

Any remnants of bacteria or germs are completely removed to make sure that the water is safe for drinking. The bacteria are removed through the disinfection process using ozone, chlorine or with ultraviolet treatment.

Storage and Delivery

Once the water is thoroughly clean, it is transferred from the water treatment facility to the storage tanks that are covered. The water storage tanks are placed on higher grounds so that there is adequate pressure for the water to flow from the pipes and out of the faucets.

The water mains transport the water up to a point outside your home. The water is then transported into your home by the service pipe that is connected to the valve. The valve is often located under the pavement and it is used to turn off the water when there are maintenance checks or repairs.

Another valve can also be installed inside your home particularly under the kitchen sink. The valve inside your home is used to turn off the water when your indoor plumbing needs repairs.