How To Find A Fabric Upholstery in Dubai

The busy life in Dubai and the increasing responsibilities of life makes a person very tired. And after the hard and challenging day when you come back, you will want to sit or lie on the soft, durable, and comfortable furniture. For this reason, upholstery Dubai is getting popular day by day. And the reason for its popularity is the durability and flexibility which it provides to its users. The upholstered furniture is made up of the material that provides softness. The upholstery process consists of sofa webbing, foam padding, frame springs, and sofa covers or upholstery fabrics. Following is the whole process of making an upholstered piece of furniture (sofa).

The first step starts with framing. The frame is made up of wooden, metal, or steel material. The frame is the most potent part of a furniture piece and should be thick enough to bear rough usage. If the frame is not strong enough, it will not bear the weight, and ultimately, it will get cracks or damage. So the frame should be correctly fitted with glue, braces, and screws.

Sofa Springs and Webbings Replacement

The next step is webbing and springs. Jute, a process for webbing, is used. In this method, the strips are interwoven and stretched across the frame. Then flax twine is used to strap the springs in webbing. Two lines of twine are made and then tacked into the position; spring is placed in the center and tied. This process is repeated again and again throughout the whole frame. Heavy springs are used on the front side of the frame for the long life of the furniture. Like the front springs, special attention is needed on the base springs so that they are fitted for a long span and will not become the reason for fabric damage. The same process is repeated for the sides and arms of the furniture. After completing the process of springs, the whole frame is wrapped into a sheet of burlap. The burlap sheet will minimize the movement of springs and provide support during rough usage.

Sofa Foam Padding Replace

The third step starts with padding. Horse Hairs or other synthetic material is padded into the burlap envelope that gives the shape of a seat. Then they are pinned and stitched down. The stitching process is done according to the design requirements with special needles and pins. The tight stitching will start giving the shape of the design. After the process of stitching, a thicker layer of passing is applied to it to fill other gaps between burlap during the stitching. Then the arms and sides are done by the same method.

Sofa Fabric Upholstery

The final step is known as fabric. It will cover all work done before. The fabric is cut precisely according to the size and shape. All the sections are covered through machine sewing and pull tabs are also installed, which gives stretches to the fabric and protects the fabric from wear and tear. After the sofa is covered, final touchings are then applied that will provide the last classy look to your piece of furniture Upholstery Dubai. Cushions are made separately at the end of the process.


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