How to write an effective research proposal


A research proposal is a summary of research that you want to conduct as part of the requirements towards attaining a degree in the respective academic program. It is a document that the university uses to determine if it has the infrastructure and expertise to support the project plan. A research proposal raises the central questions and issues that a research project intends to address and the field within which it falls.

These tips on how to write a compelling Write my literature review research proposal will help you to attain the goals above.

  1. Follow all instructions

Study the research instructions carefully from the university website and consult your lecturer or advisor about anything that you do not understand.   When you grasp all the requirements, write a research proposal that fits into the criteria.

  1. List your main points

A list of primary points helps to break down your proposal and find out the final appearance. Decide if you are going to include headings, subheadings and what they will represent. They could stand for background, materials, methodology, etc.  Heading selection will be more accurate if you follow the advice you get in the writing instructions. Try much to lay the issues you plan to discuss in every section in the form of points.

  1. Address the needs of your target audience

The research proposal should be simple for the reader to understand thus requires the use of simple language without unnecessary jargon or errors that reduce readability such as grammar or typographical mistakes. The adjudication committee members are from various disciplines that are not familiar with the complex terminology in your field. You should adhere to KIS-Keep It Simple- principle.

  1. Make your impact from the beginning

 You should capture the attention of the reviewers early in your proposal as they are busy individuals with little time to skim over recommendations. They do not have time to unravel what you could be meaning if it is clear. Organize your proposal to show the value, innovation, and enthusiasm it has within the first few sentences. Write to make a point from the beginning focus on one central idea and integrate the supporting concepts.

You can write a short but effective research proposal by having a clear objective or hypothesis, essential problems you will solve with your research, how it will answer the questions on the subject and approach to find the solution.

  Begin with an attractive title that gets the attention of the reader from the beginning and makes the general readership to understand the purpose from the start.

  1. Structure your points appropriately

 When you organize your points, they will guide you on the right length for your proposal but ensure that it includes the crucial information in this format.

Title:  An attractive title that gets the attention of the reader from the beginning and makes the general readership to understand the purpose from the start. You might amend it when the project takes shape.

Abstract: A brief statement of the project plan in a few sentences

Context: Explains the area of study and current level of knowledge

Questions: Lists the primary aims and issues around the research.

Methods: Outlines the methodology for carrying out the research

Significance: Demonstration of importance the study to you, others and the academic field

Results: Provides tentative ideas about likely conclusion based on the estimation of the data to collect

Bibliography: References and sources that contribute to compiling of research outcomes

 All the above elements and adhering to required word count are essential aspects of how to write a compelling research proposal.