5 of the Most Popular Commercial Wallcovering Designs from Koroseal

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Whether you’re an interior designer, contractor or architect, you have almost certainly heard of the brand Koroseal when it comes to choosing a commercial wallcovering for a professional project. Koroseal is an industry leader in providing top quality wallpapers and wallcoverings for commercial markets. Below we’ve included 5 of the most popular selections from Koroseal’s catalog of outstanding products to consider adding to your next design project.


The Esquire commercial wallcovering in the Earl Grey color scheme is one of Koroseal’s top-selling products. This design was fashioned after men’s suit material giving it a distinctive professional appearance making it a perfect match for a corporate environment like a traditional office or conference room. This wallcovering undergoes a three-color printing process that adds a special depth to the walls it’s applied to and is a vinyl-based product that adds overall protection and longevity to space.


This flashy, textured wallcovering has metallic and glitter embedded into the top layer bringing movement and brightness to any commercial space it’s installed in. Glint Gleam in black is one of the top choices in the Koroseal lineup this year for interior designers and contractors working on spaces with lots of natural light because of its quality of being able to dance with the rays of the sun naturally enhancing the overall space. The woven texture on this wallcovering resembles wavy sand and is a perfect way to add the essence of a beautiful beach to commercial spaces like hotel bedrooms and lobbies.

Insight Ivy League

This beautifully woven linen commercial wallcovering was fashioned after the finest of European linens and references their artisanal craftsmanship. Insight Ivy League is an ultra-fine woven wallcovering that would be an excellent candidate as a choice for a hotel wallpaper design as it truly conveys a sense of luxury. The calming blue-green tone and texture of this wallcovering invite a feeling of ease and comfort much like a smart linen suit does on a hot summer day.

Lino Goose Grey

Lino is another top prospect from the Koroseal commercial wallpaper collections and features a more relaxed tone and style in Goose Grey which allows for the rest of the decor to do the talking. The light texture of this design accents the walls without distracting the eye from the main features of a space. This commercial wallcovering is an ideal choice for applications where walls may need additional protection from damage such as in a  hotel lobby or a restaurant as it’s composed of durable vinyl material.

Milano Venice Night Blue

Milano is another premium product from Koroseal and is one of their top offerings in 2020. This finely woven fabric commercial wallpaper features a texture similar to crinkled Italian silk and would be perfect for luxurious applications in a hotel lobby. This special osnaburg woven fabric has a semi-translucent quality to it which can make spaces appear much bigger than in reality. Venice Night Blue is the most popular color used with this design because the deep blue tone mimics the soothing feeling created by a calm deep ocean. Milano is a vinyl-based wallcovering so you can be sure it will also help to protect whatever location it’s applied to.

Every interior space has its own purpose and feels designed into the walls. While some may benefit more from a relaxed feeling that a commercial wallcovering like Lino can create, some may prefer to use a bright and lively product like Glint Gleams. No matter what kind of mood you’re looking to create with a commercial wallpaper, you can be sure to find exactly what you’re looking for from the renowned commercial interior products company Koroseal.