Some great small bathroom storage ideas you might not have thought of

Home Improvement

Do you have a small bathroom? If so, you understand the struggle of using it to its fullest potential. However, there are Some great small bathroom storage ideas you might not have thought of that you can change the entire dynamic of your small bathroom and turn it into your favorite. Here are a few ideas that you can explore: 


One of the first things to do to make your small bathroom bigger is to remove things that you no longer need. Whether this means trying on and getting rid of decor that no longer works or going through boxes, bags and other items to determine what you need and what you no longer use, removing unneeded items is the first step to any small bathroom transformation. What’s more is that you can sell unwanted items online or in a local yard sale and make some extra cash to fund your project. 


Next, decide what your bathroom will be used for. If it’s your bedroom bathroom, take a look at what your needs for personal hygeine is. For example, you are going to need room to shower as well as spend some private time. Take time to form a plan for your needs so that you can create the space that will accommodate that. 

Review Your Space

The next step is to take stock of the space available in your bathroom. It is important to take into account space that is traditionally hard to utilize like the far back wall, the far upper and far lower spaces. 

Consider Less Traditional Rod Support Options

There are a number of different options you have in order to utilize all of the space in your bathroom. Rather than sticking with the traditional eye level shelving, consider adding several smaller, perpendicular shelves along the back wall. This set up will allow you the ability to keep your decor and other items more organized while providing you the use of previously unutilized space. 

Speaking of shelving, if your bathroom has existing shelves that you don’t want to replace, double your storage space by adding undershelf baskets to the shelf. This allows you the ability to place decorative storage containers on top of the shelf as well as place smaller items in the undershelf baskets. If you don’t already have shelves installed, you can consider adding multiple shelves along one side of the bathroom to maximize the use of the space you have. 

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