The Recycled Office Furniture Industry – Slowly Gaining Popularity

Office Furniture

Purchase of recycled office furniture has become a big trend today, not only to small or medium office but also to home offices holds that prefer low cost but still usable office fixtures. Used office furniture can give you a 30% to 50% savings as compared to buying new office furniture. Aside from being pocket friendly, tons and tons of office furniture are being thrown into dump sites and most of these are non-biodegradable which contributes to environmental damage. Hence, it is a desirable practice to buy and sell used office furniture rather than throw away these things and cause hazards to the environment.

Much of the recycled furniture is also something that interests schools and charities, Office Furniture 4 Schools and Charities is a way for recycled office furniture to be made available to registered schools and charities at greatly discounted prices.

With the vast promotion for everyone to be aware of the dangers the environment is facing today, a new industry is slowly becoming popular and that is the recycled office furniture industry which roughly account for 8.82% from the overall commercial office furniture market. Office furniture depreciates up to 25% after 5 years, by recycling or reconditioning these furniture items, it can appreciate up to 75% from the depreciated value. Is it or is it not a good business to engage in?

But what does recycled furniture means? In this industry, this would mean old office furniture that are refurbished or reconditioned to appear and look new, modern and trendy but still maintaining quality standards. Other terms used to refer to recycled items such as office furniture are repainted, cleaned, used, repaired, newly upholstered, updated and refurbished. These all means one thing, recycled office furniture. These office furniture were recreated to look as if it were new to restore its conditions back into the original. Usually, when being sold, these recycled items are an “as is”, or a “what you see is what you get” conditions. Reconditioned office furniture that are available in the market today include cubicles, cabinets, task seating, reception desk and reception chairs, mail office furniture and many others.

There’s a lot of local as well as online refurbished or recycled office furniture dealers can be found today if you are looking to purchase recycled office furniture. As said, recycled furniture has now become a growing market in the furniture industry and because of the savings it can give you and the positive contribution it can do to the environment, there is a growing demand of these recycled office furniture in the market today. The recycled furniture industry gave an option to everyone. For those who can afford and like to buy matching, sizeable volume of furniture, direct manufacturers or sellers are ideal to approach new or made to order items but for those who are flexible in color, design and are not really ready to pay a high price for an office furniture, recycled office furniture is a good option.