Want To Be A Social Worker? Be Ready To Answer These Questions


If you are about to undergo a social worker job interview, you must be ready to answer any question thrown by the interviewer. Searching commonly asked questions online and asking a trusted friend of yours would enable you to respond in a confident manner instead of becoming lost for words.

In a social worker job interview, preparation plays a huge role in the success of your job interview. Preparedness should not only focus on the physical aspect alone but should also include the mental and emotional aspects. Remember that how you present yourself in an interview could make or break your application process.

Here are 8 Frequently Asked Questions and Answers that can help you ace your interview:

What measures do you follow in managing a caseload?

Since caseloads vary depending on the urgency, you must provide scenarios where you were able to handle different scenarios in your previous jobs. You should be able to explain the strategic methods used to be able to arrive at a positive outcome in a clear, concise way. Don’t forget to inject words like “prioritization” and “open communication” when answering this question.

What case involving child protection do you consider challenging?

Be sure to share one memorable scenario where you were able to effectively manage a challenging child protection case. Following the STAR method (Situation, Task, Action, Result) when answering this kind of question would allow you to answer in a systematic way without leaving an important detail behind. Don’t forget to highlight how your exposure to that difficult task honed your skills.

What can you say about working in the government sector?

If it is your first time working with the local authorities, be sure to do your homework regarding your local government. You can visit their website and check their objectives to have something to discuss when the interviewer checks how well you know your environment. You can discuss past or current projects and talk about interesting things you can offer if you become chosen as a social worker.

What techniques do you utilize when recording a case?

Interviewers expect applicants to answer this question by putting emphasis on efficiently recording cases using evidence-based techniques. They want to see how well you make use of tested-and-proven methods to be able to accomplish tasks like case recording.

What relevant acts do you consider significant in a social worker’s profession?

To make sure you’ll pass your social worker job interview, you should familiarize yourself with legislations and policies involving social workers. Recruitment specialist wants to make sure that the person they will hire is knowledgeable in their field and the principles they encompass. You can talk about the Care Act of 2014 and the Children and Families Act of 2014 to let your interviewer know how well you know your primary function as a social worker in those two.

Can you share an event in your social work experience that you can be proud of?

Before this question gets asked, you should have already prepared an answer to make sure you land the job of your dreams. If there are so many things to share, just choose one very remarkable experience that moved you to become a better public servant. You should state how you were able to resolve issues using both traditional and conventional styles. This way, the interviewer would know how you follow the basics and that you are aware of how modern methods are used in problem-solving.

How can you prove that your CPD has honed your talents and skills?

You should be able to share topics discussed on seminars for social workers and how you can use everything that you have learned in your future job. Interviewers want to hear how you can be a change agent in the environment. Discuss what you can offer to those people who are in need of care and support.

Are there any questions that you would like to be discussed?

Asking questions does not mean that you have no knowledge about the company you are applying for. Instead, it notifies the interviewer know that you are interested in their team. You can use things you see on their website and ask for clarifications about them. This way, you would be able to have a bit of understanding on how they operate.

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