Wedding Table Linens 101


Planning Your Wedding:

When you are planning your wedding… the biggest event of your life, consider the many possibilities available to you for your wedding table linens, be sure to research well if you are considering using standard round white tablecloths, keep in mind that you can also use tablecloths with vibrant and exciting colors and make a dramatic statement, colored tablecloths are usually the same price as standard white table linens.

The size of your tablecloths and napkins will of course depend on the size of your table. Dressing your tables with beautiful table linens is the most dramatic way to change the ambience of your event space and make a personal statement with elegance, style, and color.

Never buy table linens with SERGED HEMS:… unless you want to carry an iron down the aisle… serged hems will curl up and look awful, and they will fray when laundered, and I personally think they look cheap, ALWAYS buy table linens with “folded and stitched” hems.

Will the event planner, caterer, hotel or venue, provide the tablecloths?:

Sometimes wedding planners, caterers, or reception venues will provide standard “House Linens” as part of a package deal. Some will refund part of your cost if you choose not to use their house linens, you may want to use theirs if they have “exactly” what you want in the color and size. The hospitality industry calls these table linens “house linens” or “full tablecloth” when used alone, and “under cloth” or “table liner” when a table runner or table topper is used for accent.

Will the tablecloths reach the floor?:

The critical question regarding tablecloths is what will the “drop” be, meaning the amount of tablecloth that hangs over the edge of the table. Most people at weddings and events like to see the tablecloths touch the floor, but some prefer a half-way “drop”. as tablecloths can be too long and bunch under the table but it is far better for them to be too long than to be too short. Check out a table linen sizes guide and keep in mind if your event budget is an issue in these difficult economic times shopping from online stores will give you the biggest table linens bang for your buck.

What are the most popular wedding table linen colors?:

The most popular wedding colors are white, black, ivory, burgundy, and chocolate, consult with your wedding planner or reception reception venue and choose table linen colors that work well in the room where you will be hosting the event. Make it a fun project and consider creative ideas such as matching your bridesmaid’s outfits with elements of the room decor, and don’t forget to double check your room size calculations with a Tablecloth Sizes Calculator and tablecloth sizes with a Tablecloth Sizes Chart.