Benefits of purchasing doona super king quilts

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Variety of quilt types are available in the market. The types and variety depend on the fabric and filling used in the quilts. Along with the material there are different sizes also available. One can choose according to his bed size as well as need. Doona super king quilts, cotton quilts, Australian wool quilts and Dacron quilts are some of the common types that not look appealing but also have certain health benefits. Doona super king quilts are made of 100 percent mulberry silk that has many benefits. The person willing to purchase the quilt can prefer this type due to following reasons.

Hypoallergic quality

Doona super king quilts or mulberry silk beddings are getting common these days because of hypoallergic effect. To have a comfortable and peaceful sleep at night prefer it because no bed bugs, mites and dust exist in this type of the comforter. The soft and gentle silk fibers contain special amino acids that prevent hair as well as skin ageing. The type of quilts and beddings are an excellent option for the asthma patients as no allergic particles get imbedded into it and the patient can sleep in the safe environment of the cozy quilt.

Prevent skin problems

Sometimes people suffer from different skin problems like eczema, dermatitis and itchy skin. To keep the sensitive portion of the body free from such annoying conditions the silk quilts are an excellent choice. This is good for those suffering from burns as it does not hurt the injuries. This is because of the light weight. It snuggles around the body softly and the patient does not feel something heavy on the sores.


Many people avoid quilts and comforters due to overheating and sweating while sleeping. The solution is always present for the problem. Purchase the silk filling comforters and get rid of the night sweating during sleep. This is the best choice for the menopausal women who suffer from overheating and unable to sleep at night.

Silk quilts are getting common these days and available in variety of sizes. The king size is present in about 265*240 cm and usually packed in the box to give it an appealing effect. One must purchase for himself as well as a gift to loved ones. This will provide the comfortable sleep. The quilts are available in different forms so that one can use them in summer, spring as well as heavy one is good for winter season also.