Fire Safety Tips For Office Buildings


Unlike our homes, office buildings tend to be left for a long period of time after office hours are already done. It’s important that you ensure the fire safety of an office building even if there are no people inside. There are many fire alarm companies that can help you implement the right equipment to prevent the fire from spreading or getting out of hand. However, it’s still paramount that you know the tips below and keep them in mind the next time you inspect the building yourself.

Simple Things

The simple things are the ones that you can encourage everyone who use the office buildings to follow and observe. They don’t require that much effort and most don’t require you to spend money to get complicated setups that require constant monitoring just to check or prevent fire from burning the building.

1. Proper garbage storage and collection

There should be garbage bins spread around the office and they should be labeled with what you can throw in them. It’s important that you avoid certain materials such as plastics in areas where heat may emit from due to potential fire hazards. This also stops people from littering since they have many avenues with which they can dispose their trash of.

2. Have fire extinguishers in strategic locations

More often than not, office buildings just put a fire extinguisher near the door or wherever it’s deemed reachable. This shouldn’t always be the case especially if there are multiple points of entry in an area in the office building. You can ask for tips from fire alarm companies to help you designate which areas to put fire extinguishers so there’s less risk for the person using it.

3. Implement emergency evacuation procedures and do fire drills

Having an emergency evacuation plan wouldn’t be too useful unless people within the office actually know what to do in a step by step manner. It’s important that fire drills are done as often as possible to make it more of a muscle memory just in case fire does start in the building. No matter how detailed an evacuation plan is, if people panic, they forget what they don’t memorize.

4. Organize electronics and electrical cords

The importance of organized electronics and electrical cords can’t be stated enough. It’s incredibly critical that you don’t let electronics to be powered by the same wall outlet. It’s possible to overload that particular socket and cause a fire. You should always have multiple areas with which you can power your electronics from. Prevent cords from being exposed.

5. Install a fire alarm and have easily accessible phones

You must contact fire alarm companies to install fire alarms in the building so the people that work there have a way to be notified if there’s a fire in the area. You should always have phones that are accessible to them so they can call 911 when a fire starts. Good places to install phones would be the cafeteria and near the water cooler.
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