Healthy Diet is Essential! But which one?


You must have spent hours pondering this question if you are one of those people who actually cares about the food you eat.

There are many eating habits and diets out there, but it is hard to know which one is best for you.

There are many delicious diets

This list of 265 diets can be used to demonstrate the point. It is found on a well-known weight loss website.

The most prominent are The South Beach Diet (or Mediterranean Diet), The Atkins Diet or The Paleo Diet, The Paleo Diet, The Paleo Diet, and the classic Vegan or Vegetarian Diets.

They differ in the amount of each of the main nutrition types Protein Fat and Carbohydrates as well as their Caloric and micronutrient content.

The main difference is between High Protein/Low Carbs, like Atkins and Paleo, and Low Fat/High Carb (Vegan or most other).

Two opposing approaches

This site hosts a heated debate among the proponents and opponents of both diet approaches.

This article includes the arguments for each diet as presented by an authoritative figure from each approach, as well as a panel moderators who give their final verdict on various topics such as “Eating Animals”, Eating Grains”, and “Impact on The Environment”.

Vegans see animal products as ethically and environmentally unacceptable. Vegans also consider too many fats for human consumption. Paleo singles out dairy and grains as major culprits.

How do you choose?

It seems like there is always more to the story than one. What can we do? We can take the easy way out and find our answers in nature.

Biological studies have shown that every living organism is perfectly adapted to its environment, and this has been true for many thousands of years.

Darwin also said that all species change and adapt constantly, but major vital functions such as metabolism can take thousands to hundreds of millions of years for complex species like homo sapiens.

Let’s see what facts we have so far.

  1. Humanity is a product of ancestors who lived many hundreds of thousands years ago. Our most recent ancestor is from a few tens or thousands years ago
  2. Our ancestors were well-adapted to their environment. We know this because they survived and procreated, which is why we are here today.
  3. Due to widespread obesity, many people around the globe are becoming increasingly unhealthy and less able to exercise effectively. Although we may live longer, the average person will still need to take large amounts of medication in order to survive into the later years of their lives. This is something our forefathers didn’t have but they still survived.
  4. It is not only a matter of nutrition science that it makes sense, but it also makes perfect sense to accept the fact the food they had access for the most part of their evolution was the right food for us.

If we can’t disprove the above reasoning, then the argument in favor of Paleo and its derivatives should certainly rank among the top diet hits parade.

It is difficult to determine precisely what food options were available in the largest part of evolution.

One thing is certain: we can rule out wheat, corn, and all its derivative food products. Archeological consensus suggests that the hunter-gatherer lifestyle was transformed into an agricultural lifestyle around 10 000 years ago.

This is less than 1% of the species’ evolutionary cycle. It is therefore not surprising that a large percentage of our species didn’t have enough time to fully evolve into optimal metabolic processes for agricultural foods like wheat, corn, and dairy products.

This can be seen in the high levels of wheat (wheat), and milk (milk) intolerances in many people.

The Caveman is waiting for you

Caveman food is essential to the survival of our Caveman bodies. You can hunt, fish, gather food from the trees, under the plants, and animals, and it is also possible to harvest food from the ground.

There is ample evidence of the immense health benefits that the Paleo diet offers. The remarkable recovery story of Dr Terry Wahls is the most striking evidence I have seen.

Secondary progressive multiple sclerosis was a condition that left her in a wheelchair. She found the Paleo diet through personal research. A year later, she was living a healthy and active lifestyle.

Traditional pharmaceutical products were unable to slow down the MS-related deterioration.

The perfectly balanced diet helped her to not only slow down her deterioration, but also healed her. She has been healthy for over 4 years.


Deciding on a diet can be a difficult and personal task. You may react to the sales pitch of one of the custodians of the diet.

I advise you to ask yourself the following question: Would my grandfather, twenty-thousand years ago, have access to this food?

If you are sure, then go for it. Make sure to only eat foods that satisfy the Caveman criteria.

Although it may seem daunting to change your lifestyle so drastically, the benefits of a long, healthy life without medication are well worth it.

Keep Healthy and Happy.