Leather Sofa VS Faux Leather Sofa

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It seems that many prefer the leather sofa for its duration, versatility, and the fact that the more you sit on the much more beautiful it will become throughout the ages. Mighty as it is, it does not mean that real leather is always the best choice. 

Thanks to the advanced technology, a leather-like leather – faux leather- is taking the place of the former, especially for those who refuse to use the products pertinent to animal skins. In this case, they insist that eco-friendliness is of prime importance in their life. And the man-made materials, including PVC, polyurethane, and recycled polyester, have gone viral in recent years, whose price tag is cheapier than the real one.

Sparkling a Controversory While Using the Leather

As is all known, leather, made from animal skin, is always sparkling a controversy among people who protect wild animals and pursue an eco-friendly life. Although the authentic is being against more than decades, many products such as sofa upholstery, car interiors, watchband, handbags, gloves, and jackets have been exploiting it for its value. The frenzies of real leather are obsessed with its upscale look. 

Those who against the genuine one have various valid reasons; for example, the leather manufacture has a close relationship with the slaughter and meat processing industry, which is known to be excessively cruel to animals of all kinds. They can not stand most animals that are being killed for their skin, because nowadays many newly-emerging synthetic materials are being served readily. 

Leather sofas, no matter the real or the fake, now is making their way to every household. Each material has pros and cons, so it is essential to do some research about it in order to make the choice that is right for your own modern living room. Here are some tips listed below for you to better make a decision between the faux or the genuine.


Real leather


*Born with a naturally thick, leather is one of the durable materials in the world. A trail of scratch on the leather can be blurred with some leather polish. That means that it doesn’t take a toll on whether to keep a pet or not. On the other hand, leather enjoys a reputation of not being frayed. Even though that doesn’t mean you can do what you want on the leather sofa. Basic care is required.

*If you spill something, all you have to do is to wipe it off. Comparing to the fabric couch, you may have to scrub the spots, and then give a thorough wash, in an attempt to avoid stains. Considering the modern livingroom sofas of any strips, you may still want to take care not to prevent staining when it comes to things such as binge-worthy wine and Friday night sweating bodies. You can say that cleaning the leather one, no matter the faux or the authenic, is far more easier than the fabric.

*In the wake of its natural feature, the leather one can last extremely long – potentially up to four times than a faux leather sofa. If you are the person that likes to put things right once and for all, the genuine leather is your lifetime company. 

*Real leather is considered more environmentally friendly than the faux, because it comes from the “nature”. That is not true. Slight as the chemicals are used in the real one, the process of coverting the animal skin into the leather product is of quite danger – formaldehyde, mineral salts, cyanide-based dyes, and coal-tar derivatives; those are the chemicals hazardous not only to human beings but also the environment. It is, what’s worse, one of the reasons why climate change occurs. 

F074-T Ben (1)

*From the last point, we can realize that leather is not much easier as the faux one to print some colors on it. Say to sad; the leather one fails to have a riot of color. If you come across a genuine leather sofa with a luxuriantly unusual color, such as green, blue or red, please stay away from them as quickly as possible. But if it is made from the fake one, calm down, and why not walk in the shop to have a look?

Faux Leather


*PVC, polyurethane, and polyamide microfiber are the material that you may know very well. Compared to the process of the genuine, the faux one is much more complicated and hazardous toward our health or the environment. But do not worry about it! Because of the rapid technological development today, toxicants are certainly gotten rid of prior to the complication. 

*Although the faux one is naturally not thicker than the real one, faux leather, as it’s mentioned above, is a man-made product so that the flaws-borne can be eliminated and can be enhanced through advanced technology. In this case, the faux is very durable, which can equal to the real one; Or even the faux leather is much more stronger. 

*One of the merits of faux leather is the comparatively low maintenance it offers, and you only need to clean or wipe off the surface with a wet cloth or rag occasionally. Unlike the real leather, it does not absorb moisture or water, so it will not become warped or cracked. Even with the new faux leather, it is easier to wipe out stubborn ink, food, or liquid stain.

F5007A Peter (1)

*As it’s made from synthetic materials and readily available, the faux gives your modern living room more versatile with different styles, patterns, and colors of leather. There is more freedom to provide different styles when decorating residential or commercial interiors. If you are the person that would like change your home decor according to your today’s mood, the faux leather sofa is your best choice. 

*Faux leather is suitable for those with a low budget as it is not costly like the genuine one, because of the mass availability of materials used in producing it. The mass production quantity also gives it an advantage to be available everywhere and affordable to get.

*Last but not least, faux leather is suitable for those with a low budget. The faux leather is not costly, like the genuine one, where you can almost see everywhere. So where can you find your Mr. Right that stands out from the herds? 

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