Methyltrienolone: Understanding This Strong Anabolic Steroid


If you’re looking for a strong anabolic steroid which offers unique effects, then Methyltrienolone is definitely the best to aim at. This steroid is largely available in underground labs today where a lot of bodybuilders are already buying it. To learn more, particularly with MTren cycle log, checking out this article could bring you to tons of helpful information.

What to know about Methyltrienolone

Methyltrienolone is an experimental steroid on the black market once. It works similarly to Trenbolone but with an exception. Methyltrienolone obtains C-17 alpha alkylated which makes it as orally active. Aside from that, this drug is created with a large anabolic index which works intensely to binding progesterone and glucocorticoid receptors.

But even if it shows how strong the binding process is in Methyltrienolone, but its affinity for the PR is rated more than 40 times than that of the testosterone. Aside from that, MTren acquires a powerful androgenic effect which drops down its HDL levels. When it comes to its androgenic and anabolic ratio, anabolic effects it provides work in being 120 times than that of the testosterone while its androgenic effects work by being 60 times than testosterone. This is even compared to methyltestosterone when taken orally.

What is the right cycle duration of MTren?

When it comes to the exact cycle duration of MTren, four weeks is considered as the standard length users commonly limit themselves to. Male users are required to take 400mg-800mg while females are not required to take MTren. It’s best that the drug is not taken by females because of its virilizing effects such as clitoris enlargement, body or facial hair growth, and deepening of the voice.

Is Methyltrienolone a progestin?

Yes, methyltrienolone is considered as a progestin. A progestin is known as synthetic progestogens that obtain effects similar to progesterone. Methyltrienolone is recognized as a progestin because of its obtained dramatic effect on the natural testosterone fabrication found in a user. MTren suppresses testosterone’s natural production for an extended period of time, thus, allowing the user to have testosterone as a partner with this drug. Many users stack MTren with testosterone to get rid of libido problems, sexual dysfunction, and mental side effects that are clearly associated with testosterone shortage.

Is Methyltrienolone hepatoxic?

Many have claimed that the use of Methyltrienolone can cause liver damages. Using this steroid can elevate liver issues which is why those who wish to take the drug and obtains liver abnormalities are no longer allowed to use it. Even by having other steroids which are alpha alkylated are still not recommended because of more risks they may take.

Proper ways of buying steroids online

When buying steroids such as Methyltrienolone online, it is hugely advised to be cautious. There are just some stores which offer these products at an extensively cheap rate while others give it expensively. Steroids do not come out really economical. In fact, manufacturers sell them to the price suitable for their components and effects.

Before buying MTren online, you have to know what the product is first. Studying it, particularly with its pros and cons, is beneficial. You have to be very particular with not just the drug’s details but the manufacturer’s as well. Verifying the legitimacy of the drug is necessary too. You certainly don’t want to be victimized by scammers so better be careful with your measure.