Things To Consider When Delivering Beds And Furniture

Bed Room Furniture

At some point all of us will order new beds, mattresses, wardrobes, sofas and all manner of furniture for our homes. Generally things go very smoothly with the delivery but occasionally spanners do end up in the works. It is well worth considering a few things when ordering beds and furniture.

For example, when ordering a new bed ensure that the floorspace in the bedroom is sufficient for the bed base. Remember that most wooden or metal bed frames are longer and wider than the mattress dimensions to cater for the headboard and footboard posts. This is especially relevant when the bed has to fit into an alcove or between two walls i.e. in a box room. When measuring the floor space don’t measure from wall to wall but from skirting board to skirting board as this is the exact floor space that you will have to stand a bed.

Also consider that when the bed is in place there needs to be sufficient room to walk around or by the bed and drawers and wardrobe doors need to be opened sufficiently not forgetting the bedroom door. Many is the time that a bed has been delivered and erected only to find that it is impossible to enter or exit the room through the door because the bed frame is in the way!

Floor space in the room is not the only issue. when ordering larger sized beds, especially divans. It is important to remember that the base and mattress have to be able to fit through hallways and up stairs. Divan bases are usually in two parts, split width ways or length ways. Not so much of an issue for a standard 4’6″ double bed but more so for 5′ king-size and 6′ super king-size. Even 3′ single divans can cause issues as these are generally in one piece. Not only that but the mattress can be difficult to maneuver up tight narrow winding staircases, this is especially applicable to 6′ super king-size and some 5′ king-size mattresses that are inflexible.

Even if a bed and mattress will comfortably fit in the house, do remember to remove any ornaments and wall hangings/pictures on the day of delivery as these can get damaged when moving large items like mattresses up stairs etc.

When taking delivery of items, like bedroom furniture, the same considerations as above apply however things like sofas and chairs have a few additional considerations. Delivering a three seater sofa into a small house can be problematic due to narrow hallways/ doorways etc. Also, in the case of three seater or corner sofas, sufficient height is required as these sometimes have to be stood upright in order to be maneuvered into rooms.

Lastly, a delivery team from any competent retailer will have sufficient people to deliver the goods without assistance and, whilst it is always polite to offer assistance, generally it is best to let them get on with the job unhindered. This ensures that things go smoothly and, in the rare event that something goes wrong, the company’s insurance will cover it.