What Factors Determine Cost Of Roof Repair Or Replacement

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There is no denying that a full roof replacement is going to cost a lot. In fact, if it is possible, most homeowners would rather spend on roof repairs instead of shelling out a large sum for the replacement. However, there are some instances where spending on the repairs is no longer worth it and deciding to get a roof replacement makes more sense.

A consultation with the best hanover roofing company will be helpful, but here are some factors you can consider before the pros arrive so that you know if your roof is better off repaired or replaced:

Factor 1: Roof Pitch

The pitch of the roof indicates the steepness of the slope. A very steep roof will require extra planning and setup because it can be difficult for the contractors or roof repair experts to walk across without putting themselves in danger. However, a flat roof will be easier to manage, maintain, and check for damage meaning it will most likely be cheaper to repair or replace.

Factor 2: Permit Requirements

One factor that many homeowners forget when they are budgeting for roof replacement and repairs is the cost of acquiring building permits. The prices of the permits will depend on your local area, but many places offer a flat rate. Your roofing contractor will inform you of this added cost if you decide to proceed with the project.

It is never a good idea to go ahead with the work without getting the proper permits as you can be fined for breaking the laws which will cost more than just requesting for the permits in the first place.

Factor 3: Extent Of Repairs

The size of the repairs required will have the biggest impact on the price. The local Hanover roofing company will provide an estimate for the cost of repairs and calculate this by the square foot, mostly because materials needed are sold by square. A good and trusted roofing contractor will be honest with their clients and inform them if the repairs are worth it.

Sometimes when the damage is too excessive, the contractors will recommend a roof replacement instead of repairs. Although it might seem expensive at first, getting an extremely damaged roof replaced will be more cost-effective in the long run.

Factor 4: Cost Of Roof Removal

In the event that the roof will be replaced, there are two factors that will affect the cost: the time and labor involved in removing the old roof and the disposal of the materials. There are some roofing materials that are heavier and more difficult to remove than others which means it will take longer and cost more to fully remove them before replacement. Aside from the labor, it will also cost homeowners extra to rent a garbage truck and to properly dispose of the materials.

Thinking Ahead

Knowing all of these factors and working closely with your roofing contractor will make it easier to plan the roof repairs or replacement while staying within your budget. However, it is also a great idea to allot an extra budget for unexpected delays and expenses that you might encounter during the project.
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