Kids Furniture

Kids Furniture

Children are all little grownups, perceiving their surroundings in ways you may not have imagined. One area involves kids furniture, and it’s up to you to acknowledge and satisfy their desires. Kids quickly pick up on style. Toddlers are happy with plastic chairs and workbenches. As they mature, they’ll want to emulate the family standard. You need to be prepared to meet their expectations.

If your home is filled with fine furniture, don’t make the mistake of cutting your child short of that standard. Kids pick up on differences. Once they enter the teenage years, they may wonder why they have plastic tables, while the rest of the home is furnished in a sophisticated manner.

The practical, lightweight plastic tables and chairs that were satisfactory in childhood may become outdated and even resented as they grow older. “Why do I have this cheap kids furniture? Do my parents think I’m not worth more?” Pay attention to your kids in the transition to adulthood. Kids furniture becomes outdated sooner than you think. All parents love their children but may unknowingly send a message that their child is “not important enough” to upgrade their kids furniture to grownup status.

Beginning at the age of about ten, children start to appreciate the differences between kids furniture and the more sophisticated and quality grown-up furniture. Indulge them. Grant them their burgeoning adulthood. Due to the high cost of quality furniture, you may want to begin with a high-quality bed and nightstand. Take your child shopping for kids furniture with an eye to a quality piece intended to last for many years. Allow your child to choose furniture they find attractive, the bed or dresser of their dreams. Years from now, your child will remember and cherish the day they graduated from kids furniture to grownup furniture of their own choosing. The memory can last a lifetime.

If you are fortunate enough to afford other furniture pieces to replace the kids furniture, don’t hesitate. Armoires, vanities and entertainment centers may travel the world with your child, replete with the fondest of memories.