Animal Theme Kid Furniture

Kids Furniture

It’s so fun being a child nowadays. There are so many different kinds of toys. The computer and the Internet put the world at the fingertips. And they even have their own specially designed furniture–miniature beds, chairs, tables, toy chests, bookshelves, and clothes cabinets.

Benefits of Specially Designed Children’s Furniture

But what’s so important about investing in children’s furniture? For one thing, it’ll actually be good for your child’s health. When they use a table or a chair that’s too large for them, they tend to hunch over, legs dangling uncomfortably, arms stretched just to be able to maintain their position without toppling over. This hurts their posture, leads to back pains and neck pains, and (if they fall) lead to injuries.

Young children can also hurt themselves trying climb up a chair or reach for a book on a high shelf. They can slip, break an arm, or have a pile of toys or books fall on top of them. Adult furniture may also have sharp corners or metal edges that can cut their small fingers.

Children’s furniture is made for children, and is perfectly built to their proportions. But there’s one thing, too, that children’s furniture can do–they can create magic.

The Magic of Animal Theme Kid Furniture

Children have amazing imagination and energy. They are constantly daydreaming, thinking of adventures, acting out the favorite characters in their book, or creating imaginary worlds (and imaginary friends to explore those worlds with!). They want to conquer the jungles of Africa, or explore every nook and cranny of the farm. They want to ride with the animals on Noah’s Ark, or even run away and join the circus!

Why not encourage their imagination and creativity by buying animal theme kid furniture? These beautifully decorated pieces instantly transform a boring bedroom into a jungle safari or a sprawling farm. Everywhere he looks, he sees cute and friendly animal friends: a bear, a lion, a black and white jersey cow. It’s like all the pictures in the books–or even the images that he’s created in his active mind–have suddenly come to life, thanks to animal theme kid furniture.

Our Favorite Animal Theme Kid Furniture

There’s a wide variety of animal theme kid furniture. All of them are adorable, functional, and meet all safety standards. Choosing which one to use in a bedroom is entirely your child’s personal decision (it’s best to get him involved). However, here are some of the top picks: 

  • Noah’s Ark Toy Chest – This beautiful wooden toy chest has an illustration of the ark, done in vintage style. The white paint has been distressed to give it an antique look–perfect for a Victorian nursery or playroom. A giraffe and elephant wave hello and invite your little one to come and play. Truly one of the most charming pieces of animal theme kid furniture. Other options are the Safari Theme Toy Chest, also with a vintage feel.
  • Kid’s Slumber Barnyard Fun Sleeping Bag – He and his friends will be as snug as a bug in a rug in this sleeping bag! Be sure to own at least two of these, in case your child wants to hold a sleepover. The bright colors and charming illustrations of cows grazing in a field are the perfect compliment to he rest of your animal theme kid furniture. If your child doesn’t like farm animals try one decorated with funky looking reptiles and the words “Leaping Lizards!”
  • Noah’s Ark table and chairs – Your child needs a table for drawing, crafting and other activities. These green and blue animal theme kid furniture sets provide a comfortable work surface… and are, in themselves, works of art. We like the color theme, which gives options to parents who’d rather not use pastels or primary shades.