How to Remove Wax from Carpet in 6 Easy Steps

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Carpeting is a key area to keep your home spotless and clean. Although many people are equipped with the tools and techniques to deal with unexpected stains, few people know how to remove wax from carpet. You should know how to remove candle wax from carpet if you are a fan of candles and the warm ambience of candlelight. It isn’t as hard as you might think, as long as you address the problem immediately.

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Six steps to get the wax off your carpet

You should remove any wax stains from your carpet as soon as you notice them. Waiting will only make it more difficult to clean. These are the five steps that will make it easy:

Step 1: Get the right supplies

You’ll first need to prepare your supplies. You will need a table knife and several ice cubes.

Step 2: Freeze your wax.

Place the wax stain in a bag filled with ice cubes. Wrap the bag in a towel to prevent the wax from getting ruined by condensation or leakage. This will allow the wax to cool down and then it can be lifted from the carpet fibers by placing the bag on top.

Step 3: Scrape off the wax.

Scrape the wax off with a dull knife (like an butter knife) once it has froze. Scrape as much wax off the carpet as possible, but don’t be too rough to prevent threads from being cut. Next, vacuum up any remaining wax. Continue to the next step if there is any remaining wax.

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Step 4: Prepare the stain and iron it.

Put a paper towel or a bag on top of the stain, and then turn the iron on to a low heat. The iron should not be too hot, as it can melt carpet fibers. Avoid leaving the iron on the spot too long. Use a steam setting. The iron should be used to rub the towel or bag gently, allowing the wax to absorb. Repeat the process until all of the wax is absorbed.

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Step 5: Clean the carpet.

To remove any wax remnants from your rug, you can use rubbing alcohol or a commercial cleaner. Use a white cloth to wipe the carpet until all stains are gone and moisture has been removed.

Step 6: Vacuum your carpet.

To restore the carpet’s texture, vacuum it after it is dry completely.

You will need the following products and tools to remove candle wax from carpet

Knowing which tools and products you will need is an important part of how to remove wax from carpet. Here is a list of all the materials and how they work.

Bag of ice: This bag holds the wax and makes it easy to get out of your carpet. You will also be protecting the carpet fibers by using this bag of ice.

  • Iron hair or use a hair dryer
  • Brown paper bag or paper towel:

Dull knife: This tool is useful when you need to remove wax from carpet. To prevent carpet fibers getting damaged, the knife must be dull.

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Vacuum and rubbing Alcohol: After removing any stain, the rubbing alcohol or cleaning product can be used to clean your carpet. Once the carpet is dry, the vacuum can be used to restore its texture.